The Great Buddha Project consists of the construction of a series of icons representative of Asian cultures around a monumental statue of the Buddha, unique in the West due to its dimensions and material and spiritual value, which will make Cáceres an even more unique city in terms not only touristic, but also spiritual and academic. These architectural and artistic icons will be of different nature to respond to the involvement of the different participating institutions from up to 15 Asian countries.

The construction of temples and monastic, academic and cultural equipment is also contemplated, as well as those necessary for the development of the activities of the Buddhist complex.

The project will be developed in a new location. These are lands on which the Foundation has a purchase option: around "Cuarto Roble" and "las Corchuelas"; a valley between "Cerro Romanos" and the "San Salvador" mine. The different iconic projects will be located in a totally natural setting that will be achieved through the ecological restoration of the original habitats of the Caceres peneplain.

The approach pursued is the integration of cultural elements in the natural habitats of the area, with the promotion of plant species of greatest interest. Likewise, ecosystem services will be implemented that facilitate the recovery of the areas adjacent to the intervention land itself. This action is part of the conservation philosophy and absolute respect for all living beings typical of Buddhist ethics.