The mission of the LUMBINI GARDEN FOUNDATION consists, therefore, of:

1. To promote and disseminate values of peace, fraternity and integration that are connected to Buddhism, as an instrument of cultural and spiritual exchange among people of all backgrounds and beliefs. This transmission will be carried out by the teachers of the three Buddhist traditions invited to share their philosophies and methods at the Grand Buddha Garden. They will make the Teachings and Practices that contribute to personal and social change available to the public.

2. To facilitate and coordinate the project of creation and inauguration of the first Buddhist complex in Spain– The Grand Buddha Garden – within the framework of the cooperation agreements signed with the city and region recipients of the project. This Center will contain a multitude of temples, monasteries, monuments, and other infrastructure necessary for the development of its activity and for its interaction with the visiting public.

3. To organize and streamline cooperation and development programs in cultural, social, artistic, educational, tourist and sports matters of all kinds, which value or are resultant from/complementary to the activities developed within the framework of the The Grand Buddha Garden.