What is the Lumbini Garden Foundation?

The LUMBINI GARDEN FOUNDATION (LGF) is an international foundation, created in 2019 in Madrid and registered in the Registry of Foundations of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, Spain in 2021.

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In our increasingly interconnected and diverse world, fostering understanding, cooperation and peaceful coexistence between different communities has become a primary concern. Differences in beliefs, practices and worldviews often lead to misunderstandings, mistrust and, most tragic of all, violence. The need for education and respect as a basis for building peace has never been more imperative.

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The mission of the LUMBINI GARDEN FOUNDATION consists, therefore, of:

1. To promote and disseminate values of peace, fraternity and integration that are connected to Buddhism, as an instrument of cultural and spiritual exchange among people of all backgrounds and beliefs. This transmission will be carried out by the teachers of the three Buddhist traditions invited to share their philosophies and methods at the Grand Buddha Garden. They will make the Teachings and Practices that contribute to personal and social change available to the public.

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